Adaptiv - CV90 - 2
Unlike traditional camouflage systems which rely on paint or nets to hide vehicles, ADAPTIV can instantly blend a vehicle into its background. The system can also be used on ships and fixed installations, allowing them to stay undetected by enemy surveillance units.

ADAPTIV — State-of-the-Art Technology

With the ADAPTIV system installed, a unit has:
  • The ability to blend into natural surroundings
  • The ability to mimic natural objects and other vehicles
  • A significantly reduced detection range
  • IFF capability

Blend into the background
ADAPTIV works by using lightweight hexagonal pixels which are electrically powered by the vehicles systems. The pixels are individually heated and cooled using commercially available semi-conducting technology. The hand-sized pixels are made of metal, so that they can sustain physical impact and provide defense against enemy ordnance. The entire system has been designed with ease of use in mind, and the pixels are able to be easily and rapidly removed and replaced if damaged. Once mounted on a vehicles hull or ballistic armor plates, ADAPTIV renders a vehicle invisible to infra-red and other surveillance technology. Whether it is day or night, whether they are on the move or stationary, ADAPTIV gives your vehicles increased stealth and greater survivability.


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