Bofors 155mm
BONUS Munition

Image of BONUS 155mm munitions shell
BONUS gives 155mm cannon artillery long-range capability to destroy enemy combat vehicles, ranging from armored personnel carriers and self-propelled guns, to infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.
Bofors 155mm BONUS Munition
BONUS is an artillery-launched, fire-and-forget munition capable of successfully combating any armored vehicle. Compatible with the majority of existing artillery guns, BONUS is handled just like a conventional shell. When launched from any 155mm artillery system, the BONUS carrier shell separates to deploy two sensor-fuzed munitions that then search for targets within a given footprint, up to 32,000 square meters.
The munition also features a base-bleed design, which increases its range to a maximum of 35 kilometers when fired from a NATO L52 gun. Each of the two expelled munitions independently seeks and neutralizes its own target.  By carrying two smart munitions within the BONUS shell, its mission success per round is far greater than with traditional ammunition.
Developed and produced in cooperation by BAE Systems in Sweden and Nexter in France, BONUS is currently in use by several countries, including Finland, France, Norway and Sweden.