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With our proven expertise in the defence industry we understand the need for the most robust systems and processes. And we’re happy to pass on the benefit of our experience to other industries with advanced engineering requirements. We can design, develop and implement safety and environmental management systems, as well as designing, developing and managing complex asset safety and environmental case architecture.
Our capabilities also include independent safety and environmental auditing, hazard and risk management solutions for complex systems and equipment and hazard log development with through-life management support.
We are experts in the integration of new systems and equipment into complex platforms, functional safety analysis to ISO 26262 and IEC 61508, systems theoretical process analysis (STPA) and software and control system assurance cases. And we offer environmental impact screening and scoping (EISS), hazardous material surveys and management and product design certification, as well as being skilled in safety and environmental legislation and regulatory compliance.
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Product Safety, Security and Environmental
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