Tempest is focused on delivering a capable, flexible and affordable combat air system by the mid-2030s, providing military, economic and industrial benefit to the UK and our international partners.
This special six-part podcast series introduces Team Tempest and explores the world-leading capability, economic, skills and prosperity benefits and game changing technologies being driven by this exciting new programme. Expect to hear from a range of interesting guests, including Team Tempest members, defence analysts and the next generation of engineering talent.
Episode 5 - A catalyst for change
The fifth episode of Future Horizons explores women’s contribution to defence and the important role women are playing on the Tempest programme, as well as the ways in which the engineers working on Tempest are exploring new avenues of green tech innovation.
Part 1 - Women in the War with Lucy Fisher
Part 2 - Tempest – the home of green tech (starts at 14:00)
Published 15 July 2021
Episode 4 – Putting prosperity in the Pilot’s seat
In this fourth episode of the six-part series, we explore the findings of a new report which analyses Tempest’s projected impact on the UK aerospace industry and the wider UK economy. In part two, listeners are given VIP access to an exclusive tour of the Tempest cockpit, to get a pilot’s view of the future of flight.
Part 1 - PWC Report – Powering future economies
Part 2 - The Pilot’s view – Powering future flight (starting at 30:53)
Published 3 June 2021
Episode 3 – More than meets the eye
In this third episode of the six-part series, we look beyond the core Tempest partners to shine a spotlight on how the project is becoming a true national endeavour. We meet some of the many high-tech companies and academic minds supporting Team Tempest and discuss how their innovation and ideas are helping transform the way we are developing technology to realise the benefits of Tempest both for and far beyond the military air sector.
Part 1 – Breaking the technology barrier
Part 2 –Tempest radar: a new age of system integration (starting at 34:30)
Published 7 May 2021
Episode 2 – A commitment to securing the information advantage
In this second episode of the six-part series, we discuss the implications of the UK Government's Integrated Review for Tempest and the aerospace industry, and speak with industry experts on the concept of ‘Information Advantage’, where having better information provides an edge in combat.
Part 1 – The impact of the UK Government’s Integrated Review and the UK MOD’s Defence Command Paper
Part 2 – Claiming the Informational Advantage in an Information Age (starting at 33:50)
Published 8 April 2021
Episode 1 – The story so far
In our first episode of this exciting six-part series, we provide an insight into ‘Team Tempest UK’ - comprising the Royal Air Force Rapid Capability Office, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Rolls Royce and MBDA - who together are develop the technologies, knowledge, skills and expertise needed to deliver a Next Generation Combat Air System capable of operating in the 2040+ environment. 
Part 1 – Tempest: A technological driver for future security and prosperity
Part 2 – Nurturing Generation Tempest (starting at 30:10)
Published 7 March 2021
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