Partners and suppliers
We create best in class products and services through extensive collaboration with more than 22,000 suppliers worldwide. During 2019, we spent over £11bn across the world with directly contracted suppliers. 
These relationships are usually long-lasting due to the complex nature of our products and their long lifecycles. It’s important therefore, that we work with suppliers who embrace standards of ethical behaviours consistent with our own.
The way we carry out our purchasing decisions and manage risks with our suppliers is defined in our Procurement Policy, supported by our Lifecycle Management Framework and ‘Supplier Principles – Guidance for Responsible Business’. The latter defines the behaviours expected of our suppliers and reflects the standards we set for our Board and employees. At the contracting stage we ensure that contracts contain appropriate anti-corruption provisions and stipulate the expectation to comply with our standards on ethical business conduct, compliance, safety, environmental management and human rights.
We engage with major suppliers at all stages of the project lifecycle from planning through to completion. This through-life approach supports our efforts to promote a more sustainable supply chain. We expect our suppliers to conduct their business in a manner that actively manages environmental risk and encourage them to reduce environmental impacts by embracing standards similar to our own and working with them to share best practices.