Human rights

Global standards
We are committed to respecting human rights wherever we operate, within our sphere of influence. 
This applies equally to our employees, our suppliers and business partners, all of whom are expected to adopt the same or similarly high standards of ethical behaviour. We are committed to conducting business responsibly and to maintaining and improving systems and processes to reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chain.
Our Code of Conduct and other global policies and processes mandated under the Operational Framework, together with our supporting principles and guidance on responsible trading and suppliers, support our commitment to human rights. This results, for example, in due diligence being carried out during the supplier evaluation stage against non-financial risks, including human rights, working hours, harassment and unlawful discrimination, anti-whisteblowing, slavery, human trafficking and child labour.
Suppliers are regularly reviewed throughout their contractual relationships against such non-financial risks. In 2019, we published our response to the UK Modern Slavery Act and a statement in response to the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act on our website.
Our approach to identifying and assessing human rights risks is embedded within our approach to risk management.