Scenarios for Team Discussion

Ethical business conduct is a fundamental element of what makes BAE Systems a company we are all proud to work for.
We have all worked hard to build a reputation as a responsible and ethical business.
Our commitment to responsible and ethical business conduct – as a Company and as individuals – underpins our reputation for being a trusted and reliable business. Our success depends on maintaining the standards of conduct that our customers, shareholders, partners and colleagues expect.
To do that, we need to have a shared understanding of what’s expected of us all and create an environment in which all employees feel they can ask questions and be supported in making the right decisions.
This conversation-based training offers everyone in our business an opportunity to consider some of the challenges we face in our workplace, focusing on those that are particularly relevant to each team.
In the scenarios – as in real life – the issues can be complex and the right answer may not always be obvious. Rich and open discussions about what the implications might be for individuals, our customers and the Company will help build the awareness and confidence we all need to raise issues and manage real situations when they occur.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 1a

Scenario 1a - Blurring the lines

Leah and Simon are part of the bid team. The bid lead has reminded them of the importance of making sure the documents are correctly marked with the relevant Company markings, Government Security Classifications and Export Control Markings.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 1b

Scenario 1b - Doing it for the likes

Danni and Harry are proud of the work they have done on an important product. One evening, Danni notices an image that Harry has posted on Instagram which leaves her feeling a bit uneasy. The following day at work, she decides to ask Harry about it.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 2

Scenario 2 - Keeping it in the family

The Engineering team have just been told that a prototype component they created for the customer’s platform has been through testing and has been approved. They now have the go ahead to produce another sixty identical components.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 3

Scenario 3 - Getting personal

Rhys sends an email to his manager, Aaliyah. He’s been off work on sick leave for a couple of weeks while he’s been receiving a new treatment.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 4

Scenario 4 - A 'no-nonsense' approach

Zac, a Project Manager has recently been promoted to manage a bigger team. He’s been noted as someone with a ‘no-nonsense’ approach who drives his team to deliver, ensuring projects come in on time and to budget. However, some members of his team are finding working with Zac difficult.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 5

Scenario 5 - Perks of the job

During Fatima’s first internship placement, she’s been working with Ollie, a software engineer who has explained and demonstrated how the software works and which process to use. Fatima has had hands on experience, so she is confident that she has a good knowledge of the processes and procedures used in the Company.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 6

Scenario 6 - Sharing isn't always caring

Mohammed, a project manager and LCM assessor, is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mohammed is on a Skype call with his colleague Dave.
Image - Scenarios for Team Discussion - Scenario 7

Scenario 7 - The right tools for the job

Malcolm has noticed that Pete has been taking tools home on the weekend to work on his kitchen without asking permission first. Malcolm decides to tell John, the Team Leader.