Business Conduct Training

Ethical business conduct is a fundamental element of what makes BAE Systems a company we are all proud to work for.
We have all worked hard to build a reputation as a responsible and ethical business.
Maintaining our reputation as a reliable, trustworthy business depends on our individual and collective conduct. In order to make the right decisions when faced with complex, ambiguous or difficult situations, we need to be able to recognise the issues, understand our responsibilities and the potential impacts for the business, and respond appropriately.
Many of the decisions we face are complex, and sometimes it feels like there is no right answer. It may be that, on occasion, the single best thing to do is to speak up and ask for help.
The Business Conduct Training is an opportunity for everyone in the business to consider the challenges faced in the workplace and the pressures that can influence decision-making. Discussing these issues during the training helps maintain an environment in which ethical and behavioural discussions happen as part of our day-to-day working lives.
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Scenario 1 - Respect

Josh highlighted the importance of setting a good example for team members, ensuring that everyone is respected.
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Scenario 2 - Just vouchers

Andrea received a voucher for a beauty treatment from a supplier, and Eric raised concerns about accepting it.
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Scenario 3 - My manager knew

Amber’s husband took a job at the Company which led to her colleagues having concerns about the recruitment process and potential conflicts of interest.
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Scenario 4 - Sharing information

Charlie saw a post on an industry blog that he felt was damaging to the Company, and so decided to set the record straight.
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Scenario 5 - It happens all the time

Mohammed raises a concern to Sadia about her being treated unfairly at a recent meeting. Jonty was also at the meeting, but didn’t notice anything wrong.
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Scenario 6 - I'm sure it's ok!

Sanjay asks Anna for advice on what he should do after seeing a colleague removing Company property. Anna though, doesn’t seem to see the problem.