Diversity and inclusion

It is through the diverse talent, skills and commitment of our employees that we are able to take on and solve some of our customers’ most complex and demanding engineering and technology challenges. 
We strive to create an inclusive workplace in which all our employees give their best for our customers and are recognised and rewarded for their contribution.

Strategy and report line

Our People strategy sets out how we will inspire and develop high-performing teams and individuals, able to fulfil their potential in an inclusive and supportive working environment.
Our People Policy lays the foundations, setting out our people management expectations, including in relation to diversity and inclusion, training and development, reward, and employee engagement.
Our Group Human Resources (HR) Director reports directly to the Chief Executive and chairs the Global HR Council, ensuring our People strategy supports the Integrated Business Plan and People Policy to meet the needs of our business and our customers.
We want all of our people to fulfil their potential, contributing to inclusive, high-performing teams, supporting our strategic priorities and delivering our commitments to our customers. Recognising that our ways of working are critical to achieving our strategic priorities, we have increased our focus on assessing and rewarding both what our people achieve, and how they achieve it.
During 2019, we introduced a set of Company Behaviours to define how we want to work together and with our stakeholders, encouraging attributes such as collaboration, innovation, creativity and adaptability that will underpin personal, team and organisational success. Together, our Company Behaviours and our shared strategic objectives give clarity on what is expected and how we can work together to deliver our strategy and achieve our potential.