Protection Systems

Protection Systems is the world’s foremost supplier of warfighter equipment as well as vehicle and aircraft seating systems and armor protection.

For more than forty years, BAE Systems Protection Systems has been centering its attention on Occupant-Centric Survivability; being committed to protecting individuals. Whether it’s through the equipment they use, our state-of-the-art seating systems or other products and services we provide, we stand ready to meet mission needs. With the equipment and solutions we offer, Warfighters and Commercial Pilots are protected with integrated equipment solutions that are life-saving. Our focus is on two primary areas, Warfighter Equipment and Protection as well as Vehicle Protection.

Warfighter Equipment and Protection
Since 1969, we have led the Warfighter Equipment market with Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE), producing over 15 million MOLLE components and over 1.5 million Core Rifleman Sets. We are extremely proud of these accomplishments and we work closely with our customers to ensure all feedback is incorporated, making your equipment the very best in weight, modularity and durability.

Our Aircrew Survivability equipment ensures our aviators are also protected. We offer a range of parachutes and flotation collars to suit your mission needs. We have patented technologies, such as the vacuum-sealed parachute, which helps minimize cost, weight and bulk.

From Soft and Hard Body Armor to Helmets, we have the very best interests of the Warfighter in mind. Our equipment and the materials we use are top-notch and meet performance requirements set forth by customer requirements. We have a skilled workforce who is trained and prepared to make sure the equipment you trust meets or surpasses the rigorous qualifications tests.

Vehicle Protection
Since the 1970s, Protection Systems has invested a considerable amount of research and development in its aviation programs. We offer crashworthy, energy-absorbing seating technologies to ensure our Aviators are not only protected by Warfighter Equipment, but also through enhanced seating systems that protect injury due to ground impact. We also provide aircraft armor.

Our Vehicle Protection team is focused on the mounted Warfighter, not only by the protective equipment he wears, but also with energy-absorbing seats and armor solutions. We also offer sensor solutions that record and monitor accelerations and overpressure to individuals in support of the diagnosis and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Whatever the mission, BAE Systems is ready to protect you. We are an Occupant-Centric Survivability Provider with the lives of our end-users always in mind.
Protection Systems brings together our products, our people, resellers, suppliers and end-users to develop and offer equipment that protects those who protect us every day.
Protection Systems strives to stay innovative, developing new technologies and products to protect our end-users from emerging threats. Just as importantly, we focus on providing best-in-class service to our customers because we care and are committed to saving lives.

Doing Business with Protection Systems

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