We have an important role in society because we:

  • help our customers to provide security and safety;
  • contribute to the economic prosperity of the places where our people live and work;
  • support high value jobs in our business and in our supply chains;
  • value our people and their diversity so they can fulfil their potential in an inclusive and supportive working environment;
  • seek to identify opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • support employees’ rights in relation to freedom of association;
  • inspire and excel in the work we do - the technologies we develop and the talent we build;
  • develop cutting-edge technologies to sustain the competitive strength of the Company in global markets;
  • create best-in-class products and services by forging strong relationships with our suppliers and partners;
  • care for and support our local communities; and
  • use our knowledge and technologies to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities. We have set ourselves the target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our operations by 2030.

Through careful long-term sustainable management and governance of our business we will continue to create value for our stakeholders. 


How our purpose connects to our strategy

  • We never lose sight of who are the users of our products and services - often members of the armed forces and security services - and the critical work they do to keep us safe.
  • Our strategy sets out our actions for investing in the long-term future of the Company based on driving operational excellence, continuously improving our competitiveness and efficiency, and advancing and further leveraging our technology. By doing this we will fulfil the needs of customers and build a sustainable future for our business for the benefit of our stakeholders. 

How our purpose connects to our culture

  • We are proud of the work we do to serve and equip those who protect us. We know our customers rely on us so we constantly innovate and go the extra mile in the products that we make, the quality we deliver and the services we offer.
  • We recognise we are entitled to nothing and must earn everything.
  • We are accountable for all that we do and seek to do the right thing at all times.
  • Our culture values diversity and rewards integrity and merit so that everyone can fulfil their potential.
  • The safety and wellbeing of our employees is paramount and we have a deep commitment to supporting the communities in which we work and to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.
  • At the heart of our business we are performance driven and values led.