Image of Dr. Ewan Kirk - Non-executive director
Dr. Ewan Kirk has extensive experience in rapidly identifying and leveraging emergent scientific research, especially in data science and quantitative analysis, to drive commercial results and identify new lines of business. He has led multiple ventures to commercialise, apply and leverage technology and mathematics research in both business and philanthropy.
In 2006, he founded Cantab Capital Partners, a science-driven investment management firm, which is one of the top-performing quantitative investment companies in the UK. Ewan grew the business from a team of two with £30 million assets under management to 60 people with over £4.5 billion AUM, before the business was acquired by GAM Investments in 2016. Prior to founding Cantab, Ewan was Partner and Head of Quantitative Strategies Group at Goldman Sachs.
He is Chair of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Chairman of DeepTech Labs, a UK-based venture capital fund that invests in deep technology businesses, and Co-Chair of the Turner Kirk Trust.
He holds a Ph.D. in General Relativity from the University of Southampton, a MASt in Mathematics from Queen’s College, Cambridge, and a BSc in Natural Philosophy and Astronomy from the University of Glasgow.