Analysis Support Construct (ASC)

The Analysis Support Construct (ASC) is a Framework set up by Dstl to service the demand for analysis required by decision makers in all UK Defence & Security Domains. The ASC mission is to bring together Government, Industry and Academia analysis to maximise the effectiveness of analysis provided to decision makers.
From 2015 to 2020, BAE Systems CORDA delivered the ASC as prime contractor on behalf of Dstl. Each year tasks up to £20m flowed through the contract to members of the Supply Chain  delivering high impact analysis to decision makers across UK Defence & Security.
The ASC covered three broad areas:
  • Strategy, Policy and Enterprise Level Decision Support. Analysis to support the development of strategy and policy options and the cost-effective balance of capabilities required to robustly deliver Defence and Security objectives.
  • Capability and Investment Decision Support. Analysis to support capability generation, development, acquisition and use.
  • Development and maintenance of enduring analysis capabilities. The development of methods, models and tools to support analysis tasks.
Following the success of the ASC, Dstl created the Analysis for Science & Technology Research in Defence (ASTRID) framework, which BAE Systems CORDA is the prime contractor for.
For more information on ASTRID please read here.