Case studies

Supporting the Maritime Warfare Centre

Reconfigurable Maritime Warfare Training System
The Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC) conducts analysis for the Royal Navy in order to maximise the effectiveness of current and future maritime operations.
We have provided on-site support to the MWC, working alongside servicemen, scientists and other analysts for the last 25 years. During that time, our team has:
  • Conducted analysis of future equipment effectiveness to inform procurement
  • Devised, conducted and reported on naval trials
  • Conducted tactical development across all defence lines of development
  • Provided a ‘playback’ facility for operations and exercises
  • Provided near real time intelligence into the heart of the battlefield
  • Developed and tested campaign winning tactics for the Royal Navy
This time-critical analysis has enabled the Royal Navy to make better informed decisions, reducing the risk to serving personnel and saving costs.


  • Saving costs and lives through cutting-edge, time-critical analysis
  • Better informed decisions through the use of experienced analytical staff and recognised subject matter experts
  • Efficiency through access to innovative methods and approaches to problems already addressed by industry