BAE Systems Air Regional Aircraft are an accredited CAA approved organisation to Part 21, Subparts J & G and as the OEM and Type Certificate Holder offer a range of capabilities to our fleet of BAe146, AVRO RJ, Jetstream Advanced Turbo Prop and 748 aircraft.
Flight safety is paramount to aircraft operators and at BAE Systems Air Prestwick, our prime role is to support state agency investigations into accidents or serious incidents occurring to our aircraft type designs, but also investigate regular incident reports, with the aim of:
  • Identifying any deficiencies with the type design that might be a factor in the cause of the safety occurrence and where necessary introduce corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence of an incident.
  • Ensuring our Type Certificated products continue to meet the required Airworthiness safety objectives and are safe and sustainable products for our customers to operate.

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Prestwick International Airport

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+44 (0) 773 681 1890