Careers in Sweden

Looking for you

We offer exciting career opportunities for people with experience in a wide range of professional disciplines. Each and every one of our positions is as challenging as it is rewarding. As such, we look for a number of shared competences in the people that we look for.
We don't believe that everything happens at the top. We delegate responsibility throughout the organisation and we need people with the ability to take this on. 

The jobs we do affect people's lives all over the world. We act responsibly and take our role very seriously - all of our employees must do the same.

Some of the things we work on are secret - the rest needs to be communicated openly to help us to work efficiently. BAE Systems' employees need to work as an open team to achieve this.

The market we work in is very competitive. Our staff need to be driven and motivated, and their ambition will help us to stay ahead of the competition.

The world changes every day and so does our business. Our people need a flexible attitude in their approach to ensure that they are effective.