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Our People

The customer's fixer and friend

William Dreyer and an Ocean Patrol Vessel (OPV)
Working hard, taking enormous pride in your work and rising to the challenge are all qualities that William Dreyer possesses in abundance.

As Customer Liaison Manager for the Brazil Ocean Patrol Vessel (OPV) programme, William lives by the mantra of customer first.  A position he is well acquainted with after many years’ experience working in the defence and civilian ship building and services industries.  

His role is to be the primary point of contact between BAE Systems, the ship’s crew and the Brazilian project team established at Portsmouth naval base.  He is a fixer, a friend and someone who the crews have built up an extremely good relationship with.  The crew’s aim is simply to take their new ships to sea and William ensures the programme, training and any additional tasks are coordinated and carried out effectively to achieve this.  

‘I enjoy being part of the Brazil programme and working closely with colleagues from the naval base and the Brazilian Navy where teamwork is placed at the heart of everything we do and every day is different.  It feels like more than a team.’

William’s commitment to getting the job done is overwhelming, he says: ‘I’m proud to be supporting the Brazilian Navy in getting these fantastic OPV ships ready for their future operations’.