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Our People

Jonny Bamford - Principal Naval Architect

Jonny Bamford
Jonny Bamford - Principal Naval Architect
Jonny joined BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines after completing a degree at Newcastle University in Marine Technology. He’s been with the company since 2006 and joined the organisation as part of the graduate programme. This means that Jonny has received the specific training, experience and knowledge he needs to carry out his current role since joining the organisation.

Jonny moved to South Cumbria from Guildford to chase his dream to become a naval architect.
The naming of Artful is a culmination of decades of hard work from concept phase through to today, and I feel immensely proud to be a part of such a dedicated team.

Jonny Bamford - Principal Naval Architect

He said: “I have always loved sailing and anything to do with the sea – so I wanted to pursue a career in something I had a real interest in.

“As a naval architect, I’m responsible for ensuring the physics behind the design of the submarine is 100 accurate to keep the crew safe.

“Put simply, I have to ensure that the submarine sinks and then resurfaces when it needs to. A submarine is very different to a surface ship which means my job is very complicated. The weight of a submarine is around 7000 tonnes, however the science of the sea and the technicalities behind the design means that if we add just few tonnes too many, or a few tonnes less, the submarine may not perform correctly.

“It really is complex but a fantastic and rewarding challenge.”

Outside of work, Jonny likes to sail and is a keen cyclist. His favourite cycle routes are in and around the Grizedale area in the South Lakes.