Defender departs on stage 1.2 sea trials

We design and build a full range of naval ships from offshore patrol vessels through to giant aircraft carriers, giving customers the capability to fulfil
extensive naval operations around the world.  We are the only provider of complex warships and their combat managements to the UK Royal Navy’s surface fleet.

Our naval ships are in service with navies globally, while our combat systems are operational in over 20 countries.

Our end to end Maritime Services range from warship availability, equipment and facilities management to training, product development and through life support for radar, torpedoes and small boats.

From concept through to production and in-service support, we use our manufacturing, supply chain, engineering and logistics expertise to ensure our
customers get the optimum availability from their equipment and systems.

Our engineers design, build, equip, commission and support submarines for the UK Royal Navy. The skills of our expert workforce range from advanced precision steel fabrication to complex, state-of-the-art combat systems and nuclear engineering.

Our current submarine focus is on delivering seven Astute class nuclear-powered subs. These will provide the Royal Navy with its most advanced and powerful attack submarine fleet, and also lead design work on the Successor programme, to provide a new generation of submarines to carry the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent.

Our business is underpinned by a long-term partnering agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) that embeds a shared vision and common goals to sustain the UK’s complex defence sector. This same focus on partnerships is central to our relationships with customers and industry partners around the world.