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Land UK
We provide munitions, armoured vehicle services and bridging equipment to armed forces around the world.

Our business 

We provide a full range of munitions from Small Arms Ammunition through to artillery and bomb filling, as well as support, manufacturing and upgrade solutions for combat vehicles and military bridging.
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Our economic contribution

BAE Systems makes a significant industrial and economic contribution to the UK economy. In particular, to the technology sector. 
Land UK employs over 1500 people and works with over 400 suppliers across the UK, investing in our local economies and boosting UK prosperity.
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Boosting UK prosperity

Land UK regional spend since 2008
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Latest announcement

In early 2019, we announced that BAE Systems and Rheinmetall have signed an agreement to create a joint UK based military vehicle design, manufactuing and support business.  
The establishment of the new Joint Venture is subject to regulatory approvals which are anticipated to be completed in the first half of 2019.  You can read more in our press release.
Image of Rheinmetall's Boxer vehicle

Rheinmetall and BAE Systems to create a UK based Land Systems Joint Venture

Rheinmetall and BAE Systems have announced that they have signed an agreement to create a joint UK based military vehicle design, manufacturing and support business.
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Our people

Our biggest asset is our people. From our engineers who are developing the next generation of vehicle systems and munitions, to our operatives who have decades of experience in manufacturing, we are a trusted partner to military organisations throughout the world.  
We also invest heavily in the next generation, with an apprentice and graduate programme to attract the best new recruits in engineering, operations and business functions. 
Graduate and undergraduate schemes

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From complex engineering projects to outstanding business management, everyone at Land UK plays a part in helping our customers protect what matters most.
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