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As ISR requirements continue to grow, BAE Systems’ analytic solutions meet the demand for multi-intelligence-disciplined analysts, technicians, scientists, and IT professionals to support our nation’s most critical around-the-clock missions.

Flexible, adaptable, and affordable solutions to meet the challenges of conflict

Full-Motion Video Analysis

BAE Systems is the leading provider of FMV analytic services to the intelligence community with more than 700 personnel working 24 hours a day, supporting our nation’s most dynamic and diverse ISR missions. For more than ten years, our personnel have been at the forefront of FMV analysis, tradecraft development, training, collection management, mission management, support to targeting, and customer consulting.

Research and Development to Operations

As the third largest defense contractor in the world, BAE Systems is uniquely positioned to provide customers with consulting services from early concept development to engineering and system deployment. We leverage our premier ISR knowledge and expertise to develop innovative products, including cutting-edge sensors and platforms and provide services such as processing, exploitation, and dissemination of ISR data.

Space-based and Airborne Remote Sensing

BAE Systems is on the cutting-edge of emerging real-time remote sensing, providing customized services for both commercial and military customers with layered GEOINT analysis. We provide airborne hyperspectral and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) analysis to support diverse missions such as counter-terrorism, counter-IED, and counter-proliferation. During these missions, our analysts conduct anomaly and material detection, material identification, terrain categorization, and detailed mapping products. In addition, BAE Systems also offers analysis, engineering, and collection management for Wide Area Airborne Surveillance (WAAS) sensors.
End-to-end support of these sensors affords customers a broader view of their space and increases the forensic data footprint.

Ground Moving Target Indicator Analysis

BAE Systems is the primary defense contractor providing direct operational support and exploitation of airborne radar systems, including the Vehicle and Dismount Exploitation Radar (VADER), STARLite, and Lynx. Our personnel support development efforts,
from the engineering phase through operational integration. BAE Systems provides real-time sensor operations, analysis, and
in-depth research of moving target indicator data in support of tactical and strategic operations.

Deployed ISR Analysis

BAE Systems’ numerous deployed ISR programs support active overseas contingency operations. Our personnel provide forward support to the end-user with the intelligence and mission-support they need.


BAE Systems is the technology leader in the collection and analysis of hyperspectral data for material detection and analysis. Through development of new technological capabilities in hyperspectral imaging and integrating such data with the latest intelligence analysis techniques, our team has pushed the boundaries of ISR collection, data processing, and analysis of intelligence collected from this unique imaging capability.  In addition to sensor technology, BAE Systems trains and deploys a cadre of intelligence professionals to provide first and second-phase intelligence analysis and system support both overseas and from the United States.


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Stephen Carter
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