Industry Leader for Support and Modernization of Test Range Instrumentation Solutions.
The Range Instrumentation Products and Sustainment business unit, headquartered in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Instrumentation Radar Systems, Electro-Optical Systems, Test Range Asset Modernizations and Upgrades. Our capabilities include design, fabrication and integration of hardware and software to support a wide variety of test range requirements including RF and Electro Optical (EO) TSPI Instrumentation, Threat Simulators, CW Doppler and EO Behavioral Systems, Drop and No-Drop Bomb Scoring Systems, Telemetry Systems and Flight Termination Systems.  We are the world’s premier provider of precision tracking systems and test range instrumentation. 
The technologies and resources of BAE Systems is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, integrating, and sustaining range products that are required for current test ranges and programs envisioned for future test ranges, aviation test facilities and launch facilities. BAE Systems utilizes the latest advances in technology to develop innovative solutions for a wide range of testing and training applications.
BAE Systems designs, manufactures, delivers and integrates radar and electro-optical systems and sub-systems for test ranges, aviation test centers and launch facilities around the world.   
In addition to new products, we provide sustainment, modernization and upgrades for BAE Systems manufactured and non-BAE Systems test range assets through direct commercial sales, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and the Instrumentation Radar Support Program (IRSP).
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Jeremy Jeffery
Director, Business Development, Intelligence & Security

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