Mission impossible?  Given the challenging objective to manufacture, install, and integrate a protection system that was not yet qualified and contained over 100 critical,high-technology subcontract items and over 1000 component parts for forward deployment in approximately a year, many thought it would be impossible.

Fortunately, the fully integrated ATIRCM system Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) team dedicated to equipping 83 U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopters did not agree.  The team brought to bear the very best that BAE Systems has to offer, emphasizing win/win, long-term solutions and relationships with the entire supply base that ensured material availability to meet internal manufacturing plans and customer deployment requirements.  Since its fielding, the ATIRCM systems has had documented success in defeating infrared threats and saving lives.

Mission impossible?  More like mission accomplished.



(PUBS 10_F72-01A / Cleared for open publication 09/10)