Radiation-hardened subsystems/units

MISTiC Winds
BAE Systems designs and delivers payload subsystems, such as radio frequency and infrared sensors, digital receivers, reconfigurable processing modules, solid-state recorders, channelizers and switches, and electronic control systems

Our solutions leverage a vertically integrated and experienced engineering organization with associated equipment, operations and labs that focus on the unique rigors and requirements of the space domain.

Electro-optical infrared and RF sensors

Atmospheric infrared sounders provide hyperspectral sensing from space, as they passively measure temperature and humidity, and deliver weather-balloon-quality measurements on a global scale.

Digital receivers

State-of-the-art multi-channel digital receivers utilize monobit technologies and techniques to achieve ultra-wideband, power-efficient capability to detect and characterize signals in challenging RF environments.

On board processors and control electronics

On-board processing and control units incorporate custom electronics and state-of-the- art radiation-hardened processors.

Laser Communications

As the need for critical data gathering increases, there is a greater demand for securely moving information at high speeds. Heavily regulated RF links are stressed beyond capacity and involve large beams that are easily jammed and intercepted. From cross-links, to up/down links, to deep space relays, free space laser communications provide multi-gigabit per second data transfer that is significantly more robust against unwanted interference.

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