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The decade long project to upgrade 433 M113 vehicles began in 2002. It included cutting and stretching M113 A1 hulls and the design and integration of new sub-systems into seven M113 vehicle variants for the Australian Army.



Over the life of the project, more than 1000 people were involved in the project at three sites and in two states – Bandiana and at Williamstown in Victoria and Wingfield in South Australia.

More than a million hours went into the project and, at its peak, BAE Systems delivered on average three vehicles per week.

The project was supported by military vehicle sub-system suppliers from BAE Systems’ Australian subcontractor base of over 1700 small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and German firm FFG was chosen as the major technology partner.



The integrated vehicle system designed, developed and delivered by BAE Systems allows the M113 to be in active service for many years to come.

While the upgraded M113s look similar to how they would have in the 1970’s, they are ‘a generational leap ahead’ with improved firepower, protection and habitability from the original M113 A1 vehicle. The finished vehicles are also more reliable and faster following the upgrade.

The final vehicle was completed well ahead of the contracted December 2012 deadline.

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