Automatic grenade launcher

Our highly experienced team has delivered advanced integrated crew served weapon systems to the world’s most respected militaries.

BAE Systems has teamed with the world’s leading infantry weapons and fire control system suppliers to provide a fully integrated Lightweight Automatic Grenade Launcher system comprising:

  • accurate, reliable and robust 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) from Heckler & Koch
  • capable, simple to operate Vingmate Fire Control Computer and Human Machine Interface from Rheinmetall Mission Equipment. The Vingmate also includes an integral day sight and Laser Range Finder
  • AN/PAS-13C Thermal Weapon Sight from BAE Systems
  • qualified with NATO 40mm munitions and new generation munitions, including air burst, to provide area suppression and engage fixed, moving and hidden targets with fewer munitions
  • light weight – weapon and mount up to 50kg lighter than the legacy Mk19p
  • proven installation into vehicle gun rings and weapon integration into Remote Weapon Stations
  • fast into action - minimal cables and simple to operate
  • softmount provides high stability during firing and enables rapid weapon changeover to .50 calibre heavy machine gun
  • combat proven at the system level with multiple NATO countries.


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