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This Heritage resource serves as an inspiration to current and future generations, both inside and outside the organisation, demonstrating our key Company values - Trusted, Innovative and Bold - that have been a characteristic of our business for many decades.
The Central Archives at Farnborough, together with our centres at other sites and locations throughout the world, provide a key resource for presenting our history and heritage. They are available to both internal and external researchers and enthusiasts alike.
Many now feature their own 'Heritage Centres', available for public visitors and we continue to support museums and collections around the world.
Our heritage - over four centuries of innovation excellence in air, land, sea and more
Our heritage - over four centuries of innovation excellence in air, land, sea and more
Through this online facility, we hope to act as a 'Shop Window' for you to explore the exciting and innovative history of BAE Systems in aviation, land and marine, as well as the amazing world of electronics, engineering services, cyber security and applied intelligence.
Over the coming months and years, this site will be developed into an online repository of information and contact details for our products, predecessor companies and locations. 
Initially, we concentrated on aviation although in the months and years to come it is intended to feature information from all of our business groups and an initial amount of material already exists. The remainder will appear very soon so please check back regularly for updates.


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