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  • Airco DH18

    Airco DH18

    The first Airco type designed for commercial use, which became the first product of The De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd.
  • Airco DH14 & DH14A

    Airco DH14 & DH14A

    A large single engine two-bay biplane intended as a DH9A replacement; only three were built.
  • Airco DH15 Gazelle

    Airco DH15 Gazelle

    An experimental prototype used for the development of the Galloway Atlantic engine.
  • Airco DH16 Arras

    Airco DH16

    One of the first British commercial aircraft to be used after the First World War.
  • Airco DH11 Oxford

    Airco DH11 Oxford

    A twin-engined bomber intended as a replacement for the DH10 Amiens.
  • Airco DH10 Amiens

    Airco DH10 Amiens

    A twin-engined bomber, which was too late to see active service in the First World War.
  • Airco DH9A

    Airco DH9A

    A long-serving two seat day bomber overcoming the deficiencies of the DH9 and remaining in RAF service until 1931.
  • Airco DH9

    Airco DH9

    A day bomber intended to replace the DH4, which was developed into the more successful and long-serving DH9A.
  • Airco DH6

    Airco DH6

    A low cost, easily repairable basic trainer that gave valuable service until its replacement by the Avro 504.
  • Airco DH5

    Airco DH5

    Unusual for its back-stagger wings, the DH5 was the first British fighter fitted with the sophisticated Constantinesco Colley (CC) synchronisation gear for its machine guns.
  • Airco DH4

    Airco DH4

    One of the best single engine bombers of the First World War that also played a role in the development of commercial air services.
  • Airco DH3

    Airco DH3

    One of the first stategic 2 engine long range bombers
  • Airco DH2

    Airco DH2

    One of the first pusher single seat biplanes of the First World War.
  • Airco DH1

    Airco DH1

    Geoffery de Havilland's first design for Airco