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Which countries do you sell to?

Like all companies we have to prioritise where we do business. In setting these priorities we take into account a wide range of commercial, legal and reputational factors.

BAE Systems will only pursue business opportunities when we are satisfied that our strict policies and governance systems can be complied with.


The sale of export equipment, whether it is the sale of weapon systems, platforms, equipment, and/or services is highly regulated.

BAE Systems works closely with and maintains a regular dialogue with governments in our home markets in relation to all our export sales. All export licence applications are considered by governments on a case-by-case basis and take into account the proposed customer country, the type of product or service to be exported, and its future use. Our applications comply with trade regulations and the requirements for end-user undertakings.

Our Responsible Trading Principles help us make informed decisions about the business opportunities we pursue and help employees apply our values in their decision-making. See more on export controls.