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Do you make or sell unmanned aerial vehicles or 'drones'?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are the latest generation of pilot-less aircraft and are used for attack, reconnaissance and civil patrol missions.

In the future, UAVs are expected to replace manned attack aircraft. With programmes such as Taranis, MANTIS and Herti, BAE Systems has developed the technologies and agile project management techniques, to be a leading player in this market.

The UK's 2005 Defence Industrial Strategy states that, as an essential part of future combat air capability, the UK is examining the balance between manned and uninhabited aerial vehicles. While it is not for us to comment on how any customer deploys their equipment, we are ready and willing to support the UK Ministry of Defence on any work required to manage the operation of UAVs. Whatever the situation, systems will always be required to comply with the rules of engagement and legal requirements. This mandates the need for clear human decision in the deployment and release of weapons.