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Ethics helpline
Our Ethics Helpline is a confidential way to get more help and advice or report suspected violations of BAE Systems' standards.
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The Ethics helpline is available for you to call if you want to tell us about situations where you think the law or our standards may not have been upheld, or where you think an issue or concern that you have reported is not being dealt with properly.

Calls to the Ethics Helpline are free and lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Telephone numbers for the Ethics Helpline are shown in the tables below.

When you call the Ethics Helpline, a member of trained staff will take written details then send a confidential report to BAE Systems, but they will not record your call. We use an external company which specialises in operating confidential telephone reporting systems to provide an independent service and assurance to callers of confidentiality and, where they request it, anonymity.

Although we would rather you identified yourself (so you can help us to assess the issues or concerns you are raising and enable us to take quick action to deal with them as well as provide you with updates and feedback), if you wish to make an anonymous call you may do so. Whilst we commit to investigate all calls, it may make it difficult to conduct a thorough investigation into your issue or concern if we do not know how to contact you again.

However, you should not let any concerns go unresolved. If you report apparent misconduct honestly, and in good faith, you will be supported by the Company.


Please use the numbers below to phone the Ethics Helpline

Head Office, Shared Services, Air, Land, Maritime or Applied Intelligence


BAE Systems, Inc.

Australia 1 800 803732
Austria 0800 281700
Belgium 0800 71025
Brazil 0800 891 8807
Canada 1888 268 5816
Chile 123 002 004 12
Czech Republic 800 142 428
Germany 0800 182 3246
Greece 00800 4414 5735
Hungary 06800 14863
India 000800 440 1286
Indonesia 001 803 0441 1201
Italy 800 783776
Japan 00531 78 0023
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 8008443328
Malaysia 1800 885 530
Poland 00800 442 1245
Qatar 800 0019
Romania 0800 894440
Singapore 800 4411 140
Slovakia 0800 004461
Thailand 001 800 442 078
Turkey 00800 4463 2066
United Kingdom 0800 0126930
United States 1 877 533 5310

Or use:

Or e-mail:

Afghanistan 503 726 2366
Djibouti 503 726 2366
Germany 0800 182 0493
Iraq 503 726 2366
Israel 180 941 3855
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1 800 10 888 306 7330
Mexico 001 877 433 3054
South Africa 0800 080 515
*Sweden 020 79 1013
United Kingdom 0808 234 3708
United States 888 306 7330

Or use:

Or e-mail:


 * The service in Sweden is provided in the event that an employee is not comfortable addressing concerns with their supervisor or with other avenues in the Company, and their concern regards a member of the management committee or their direct reports and relates to corruption, questionable accounting or auditing matters, or otherwise seriously affects vital interest of the Company or personal health safety, or serious forms of discrimination or harassment.