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We are determined to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Each of our businesses sets clear targets to use resources as efficiently as possible with a focus on energy, water and waste.
Image of recyling at BAE Systems
Resource efficiency is an important measure of business effectiveness at BAE Systems. As a major manufacturer, our operations have an impact on the environment – from the energy and resources we use to the waste that we generate. Minimising this impact shrinks our environmental footprint and reduces our operating costs.

Aligning our strategy

For a large and diverse organisation like ours, managing the environmental impacts of each part of the business requires a locally tailored approach.

Our Group level Environmental Policy mandates that all businesses have an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place to manage their environmental risks and opportunities. The EMSs are appropriate to the organisational context and strategic direction of each business, and for the larger impact businesses or sites these systems are externally audited and certified to the international standard on environmental management (ISO14001).

Reducing our impacts

Throughout our organisation, we set objectives to improve the performance of our operations and our consumption of energy, water and waste. Improving the energy efficiency of our  facilities is a key focus for reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions (see Reducing emissions).

We also work to minimise the amount of waste we generate and increase recycling rates across our operations. 

Our businesses  have set targets to minimise their water consumption. Some common steps taken include installing dual flush lavatory cisterns, preventing leaks from underground pipes and turning off water-intensive machinery outside working hours.