Vickers Valentia I afloat
The Vickers Valentia flying boat superstructure was built by Vickers, and the hull by SE Saunders & Co.
The Vickers Valentia was a large flying boat (with 112 ft wingspan) powered by two 650 hp Rolls-Royce Condor engines and carried a crew of five. It was ordered in May 1918 as a potential replacement for the Felixstowe F.5.
The aerodynamic surfaces and engine installation were built by Vickers Ltd, with the hulls being constructed by SE Saunders Ltd at Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The hull made use of a Saunders technique, known as ‘Consuta’, where the ply structure was strengthened and reinforced by the longitudinal joints being bound together, or sewn, with copper wire.
Vickers Valentia
Vickers Valentia
Rather unusually, the three Vickers Valentia prototypes were constructed by the Vickers Company at Barrow, better known as a shipyard than for its aviation manufacturing.
The first of the Valentia flying boat (serial N124) first flew on 5th March 1921, flown by Stanley Cockerell from the Solent. This first aircraft was damaged on landing in June 1921 and was dismantled. The second aircraft (N125) is reported to have been forced landed on its intended delivery flight on 15th March 1922.
The third flying boat (N126) was delivered in 1923 and used for trials until it was withdrawn from use in November 1924.
The Valentia did not enter production because of the contraction of the Air Force following the end of the First World War. The number of Felixstowe F.3 and F.5 aircraft already in service and the state of the post-war economy ultimately rendered the production of a new design both unnecessary and unaffordable.

Variants & Numbers

Three aircraft only: Serials N124, N125, N126


Two 650 hp Rolls-Royce Condor
112 ft 0 in
Maximum Weight
21,300 lb
Five crew; provision for two defensive Lewis guns. Reported to have carried out trials with 37mm Coventry Ordnance Works gun
Maximum Speed
105 mph
4 hr 30 min


No examples of the Vickers Valentia flying boat survive.

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