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Vickers Supermarine
Types 510 517 528
& 535

Experimental prototypes leading to the Vickers Supermarine Swift
Vickers Supermarine Type 510 VV106 Vickers Supermarine Type 510 VV106 in flight with pointed nose probe
The Supermarine Type 510 was, to all intents and purposes, a Supermarine Attacker fitted with a thin swept wing and tailplane.
The Type 510 was designed against Specification E.1/46 as an experimental aircraft suitable for investigating the high subsonic regime. The design retained both the 5,100 lb Nene engine of the Attacker, and its tailwheel undercarriage.
The prototype Type 510 (VV106) was flown for the first time on 29th December 1948 and became the first swept wing type to land on an aircraft carrier in November 1950. As it was not equipped for catapult launching, take-off was effected using rocket assisted take-off gear (RATOG).
Vickers Supermarine Type 517 VV106 deck landing Vickers Supermarine Type 517 VV106 deck landing trials on HMS Illustrious November 1950
The combination of the swept wing and tailwheel undercarriage gave the Type 510 difficult handling characteristics in crosswind operation and there was some longitudinal instability at the stall.  Despite a number of proposed modifications from Supermarine, interest in the project faded away.


The Type 517 was in essence the Type 510, modified to have a hinged rear fuselage to facilitate a powerful trim system.  The second prototype (VV119) was first flown as the Type 528 on 27th March 1950, retaining the tailwheel undercarriage layout.
Vickers Supermarine Type 528 VV119 Vickers Supermarine Type 528 VV119 with nose probe and tailwheel undercarriage
Shortly afterward, the aircraft was modified with a lengthened nose, engine reheat (afterburning) and tricycle undercarriage with the redesignated Type 535 Swift, making its maiden flight in August 1950.


Vickers Supermarine Type 535 VV119 Vickers Supermarine Type 535 VV119 showing lengthened nose and initial fin shape
Vickers Supermarine Type 535 VV119  in flight Vickers Supermarine Type 535 VV119 showing final fin shape


To follow on into the full production of the Swift one needs to refer to the Supermarine Type 541 page elsewhere on this website.


Specification (Type 510)

Powerplant One 5,000 lb thrust Rolls-Royce Nene 2
Span 31 ft 8.5 in
Maximum Weight 12,790 lb
Capacity and armament Single pilot only
Maximum Speed 635 mph at 15,000 ft

Number built

2 (VV106 & VV109)        
VV106 initially Type 510, modified to become Type 517
VV119 initially Type 528, modified to become Type 535


Type 517                               
FAA Museum reserve collection Cobham Hall, Yeovilton

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