Vickers No 8 Erith 1912 rear view
The Vickers No 8 monoplane at Erith, showing side-by-side seating and balanced elevators.
The Vickers No.8 Monoplane was built at Erith and displayed at the Fourth International Aero Show at Olympia, in February 1913. This aircraft resembled the No.6 Monoplane and seated its two occupants side-by-side and had a twin wheel undercarriage with a single central skid.
The elevators were aerodynamically balanced and the triangular fin and rudder resembled that used on the No.7 Monoplane. The 70 hp Gnome engine, with front and rear plate mountings, drove a two-blade propeller and was cowled over the upper part of the engine.
Vickers No 8 monoplane right front
The No 8 monoplane in the Vickers' works at Erith.
Performance figures were also quoted with an 80 hp Gnome fitted. As with the other Vickers monoplanes, the fuselage structure was of steel tube construction. Transparent ‘Cellon’ panels were provided in the lower cockpit sides and floor to improve the crew’s view of the ground. The cocpits were also provided with small transparent windshields.
The tailplane was formed by splaying out the rear longerons. The machine was designed to fold, allowing it to be transported by road mounted on a wooden trailer.
Vickers No 8 monoplane on tow trailer Napier car
The No 8 monoplane packed for road transport, being towed behind a Napier car.

Variants & Numbers

One example only.


One 70 hp or 80 Gnome rotary engine
34 ft 6 in
Maximum Weight
Not known, empty weight 700 lb
Pilot and passenger
Maximum Speed
63 mph (70 hp Gnome)
3 hours 30 min


No examples of this type survive.

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