De Havilland DH92 Dolphin

A development of the Dragon Rapide with a retractable undercarriage that proved unsuccessful.
Prototype DH92 Dolphin E.3 fixed undercarriage The sole DH92 Dolphin E.3 showing the fixed undercarriage that was initially fitted.
Intended as the ultimate development of the De Havilland Dragon / Dragon Rapide / Dragonfly Series, the DH92 Dolphin was a Dragon Rapide with a fully retractable undercarriage and dual controls.
The DH92 Dolphin had a DH 86A-style nose to accommodate two crew side-by-side and increased span wings of unequal span.
It first appeared with the trousered fixed undercarriage of these earlier biplane transports but a retractable landing gear was fitted before its first flight, which took place on 9th September 1936.  Geoffery de Havilland's log book describes the aircraft as being 'too heavy'.
De Havilland DH92 Dolphin retractable undercarriage De Havilland DH92 Dolphin showing retractable undercarriage installation.
It featured a DH86 style nose which gave it a 'Dragon-like' appearance although no photographs showing a complete view of the sole prototype (E-3 / G-AEMX) survives today. 
Performance was disappointing, as the weight penalty associated with the various design changes was too high. As a result, the prototype was scrapped in December 1936.
De Havilland DH92 Dolphin E.3 with port undercarriage up De Havilland DH92 Dolphin prototype E.3 with port undercarriage retracted.


Powerplant Two 204 hp Gipsy Six II                                                       
Span 50 ft 6 in
Maximum Weight 6,600 lb
Maximum Speed 161 mph estimated


Nil. Sole prototype scrapped in December 1936.

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