This Is 

We are proud to support This is Engineering – an online promotional campaign created by the Royal Academy of Engineering to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering.
Image of Tempest full scale replica

Changing the image of engineering 

The campaign was created in response to significant demand for engineering talent in the UK. The nation faces a major skills challenge: EngineeringUK estimates the UK is short of 59,000 engineers per annum. Plus, only 12% of professional engineers are women and only 9 % from black, Asian or minority backgrounds. To date, the Academy’s online campaign and films have reached millions of young people and are starting to significantly change preconceptions of the profession – view a film about the ambitions of one of our engineers, Sophie Harker, and find out what inspired her career choice.
The latest activity run by This is Engineering is an assault on outdated imagery that reinforces stereotypes about engineering with the aim of seeing a more diverse range of images ranking higher in search engine image results for ‘engineer’. To help with this, a new collection of engineering images has been created. The images will depict engineers, particularly from unrepresented groups, at work – whether this is in a lab, a music studio, a velodrome or testing robotics.
In support of the campaign we have created a photo album of engineering imagery that represents BAE Systems today and tomorrow. Take a look through our album here and join the conversation on @ThisisEngineering or #ThisisEngineering.
Image - Jane - BAE Systems graduate
Jane, a manufacturing engineer at Warton, Samlesbury represents the thousands of BAE Systems’ engineers involved in the enhancement, upgrade and maintenance of Typhoon aircraft
Image of unmanned boat testing
Unmanned boat technologies have been tested in the Solent by BAE Systems’ engineers
Image showing BMX engineers
Engineers refine enhancements to BMX bikes as part of a 12-year technology partnership with UK Sport
ASK Academy apprentice
Apprentices are trained to use the latest military aircraft technologies at the £15M Academy for Skills and Knowledge in Samlesbury, Lancashire
Image of Additive layer manufacturing
Additive layer manufacturing technologies have resulted in innovative designs for military aircraft components
Image of Shipbuilding, Scotland
Our shipbuilding business in Scotland has a long and proud history of manufacturing state-of-the art warships for the world’s navies
Image of Tempest full scale replica
Tempest - a next generation aircraft project - aims to be an inspirational as Spitfire to a new generation. The full size replica model is proving hugely popular.
Image of Submarine training, Barrow
The engineering expertise in intergenerational teams has been key to developing skills for submarine design and manufacture
Image of OPV Virtual Reality
Virtual reality techniques have been used extensively by engineers in the design of offshore patrol vessels
Image showing a BAE Systems employee
Billie, an engineer in our electronic systems business is one of the Women’s Engineering Society’s Top 50 Female Engineers and in the Financial Times’s 100 Most Influential Engineers in the UK
Image of PhD Student
Sponsoring PhD students provides ‘real world’ applications for R&D
Acoustic Resonant Mixing
Resonant Acoustic Mixing techniques are used to test a more efficient method of producing energetic materials
Image of Francesca, a female engineer
Francesca, a female engineer in the submarine build hall at Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. The site has built every submarine for the Royal Navy for over 100 years