The exhibition, which opened to the public on April 28, takes visitors through the story of how it became the world's largest intelligence factory during the second half of the conflict, establishing a legacy that continues today.
It showcases the scale and complexity of the Bletchley Park operation from tracking positions of Allied and enemy vessels, to handling millions of items of data, to recruiting, feeding, and housing thousands of staff.
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The Art of Data
Our sponsorship has supported the work of the Bletchley Park Trust to restore Block A, a wartime building at the heart of historic site in Buckinghamshire.
Highlights of the exhibition include an interactive recreation of the Plotting Room used by naval intelligence to track the movements of ships, and a close-up look at wartime machinery of the sort used at Bletchley Park to process data gathered by its Codebreakers during World War Two.
Our sponsorship is the latest chapter of our partnership with Bletchley Park which has seen us sponsor other exhibitions showcasing the work of its legendary Codebreakers.
We are proud of the heritage on which our business is built and we continue to draw inspiration from it as we support our Armed Forces and security services today. The ability to solve problems and turn huge quantities of data into intelligence is what Bletchley Park was renowned for, and these same skills are embodied by our people. Through this sponsorship, we hope we can keep the inspirational work of the Bletchley Park Codebreakers alive. Mark Phillips, Group Communications Director, BAE Systems
Alongside The Intelligence Factory will be an 18-month contemporary exhibition, The Art of Data: Making Sense of the World, which draws inspiration from the Codebreakers to manage information at scale.
It will focus on how data visualisation helps us make sense of the world today and includes Striker II, our ground-breaking augmented reality fighter pilot's helmet.
As the world's most advanced helmet-mounted display, it presents vital information drawn from an aircraft's sensors in front of their eyes - giving them a vital advantage when making split-second decisions.

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