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Economic benefits that add up

Impact in numbers
The UK’s military aircraft industry has consistently delivered significant economic benefits to the nation by exporting whole aircraft and designs as well as providing support, maintenance and upgrade for overseas airforces.

In 2016 BAE Systems military aircraft business in the UK:


Supported a £3.2 billion contribution to UK GDP in 2016 

  • equivalent to 0.2 per cent of the UK’s entire economic output
  • 17 pence in every £100 of UK GDP
  • for every £1 in GDP created directly a total of £3.40 is supported across the UK economy as a whole

Exported £1.3 billion worth of goods and services in 2016

  • equivalent to 0.2 percent of UK exports
  • 51% of export sales to Middle East
  • 38% of export sales to United States

Imported £0.5 billion worth of goods and services which made a net positive contribution to the UK’s balance of payments of around £0.8 billion


Sustained 48,900 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs in the UK

  • equivalent to 1 in every 552 FTE jobs in the UK
  • every 100 jobs at BAE Systems’ military aircraft business in the UK supported  400 jobs in the UK economy as a whole
  • 12,300 directly employed – 70% of workers concentrated in engineering or engineering-related roles
  • 36,600 indirectly employed either through supply chain or induced
  • productivity per FTE employee was £76,000 in 2016, 6% above the UK average

Made a tax contribution of £900M to the UK Exchequer


Spent almost £1.4 billion on inputs from some 3,000 UK suppliers representing 73 per cent of total procurement in 2016

  • Supporting 21,200 jobs in the supply chain
  • £500M spent on engineering and technical business services
  • £300M on machinery and equipment
  • Suppliers located in the North West and East of England received just over £300M respectively
  • Suppliers located in the South West and South East of England received just over £200M respectively
*Source: ‘The impact of BAE Systems Military Aircraft business on the UK economy’ published July 2018 by Oxford Economics
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