Image showing BMX engineers Our technology partnership with UK Sport has benefited more than 30 different sports, 250 Olympic and Paralympic athletes since 2008. Sports include taekwondo, track cycling, BMX cycling, skeleton bobsled, bobsled, sailing, short track speed skating, athletics (projectile sports), canoeing (slalom and sprint), badminton, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing, swimming, modern pentathlon, shooting, archery, hockey, diving and equestrian.
Many of the projects involve a collaborative effort with UK universities, such as the Universities of Loughborough and Southampton who worked with us to redesign a new Skeleton Bobsleigh, which saw Amy Williams go on to win Gold in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Through this partnership, our apprentices and graduates also have the opportunity to work directly on unique STEM-based challenges.  
As well as working to make a difference to Britain’s sporting success, the partnership showcases the value of engineering and its range of applications.  As technology plays an increasing role in helping professional athletes the world over, the partnership hopes to excite and educate young people about the range of career opportunities available from studying science, technology, engineering and maths at school.
Image showing John Kerr with Matt Weston


Jon Kerr, Mechanical Engineer 
04 Mar 2021
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Equus-sense video frame


British Equestrian teams set to benefit from fighter jet technology
17 Jan 2019
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Image from UK Sport FIAS 2018


Westley Mark, UK Sport Partnership Engineering Graduate
03 Dec 2018
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