Activity Based Intelligence

BAE Systems has developed advanced solutions for photogrammetry; precision targeting; mission planning and tasking, collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination for the Department of Defense and national intelligence communities for several decades. We are applying this knowledge as we work with our customers in the field and invest corporate resources to identify and address new concepts in
Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) to streamline and optimize new analytic or collection planning workflows to improve mission response time, analyse patterns of life and develop anticipatory intelligence techniques.


Analysts and stakeholders lack the tools to separate data based on its classification within a document. Many agencies attempt to share information at the sub-file level through costly conventional databases, but this does not provide the level of granularity needed to efficiently share information.
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SIBA provides a secure, information sharing capability and provides controlled access to documents down to the word level. The detailed human-driven tagging of documents and records within SIBA allows users to access critical information within a given document based on their credentials. SIBA is designed to easily plug in to SharePoint® and other databases, and runs on STOP OS™, a high assurance general purpose operating system owned and developed by BAE Systems.

Single Information Domain Demo

DI has capabilities that spread across Land, Air and Maritime sectors that combine to deliver a single information domain within an assured network environment. Information services are critical to commanders at all levels throughout the joint battlespace to enable timely decision making and to get inside the enemy's OODA loop. The Secure Deployable Network (SDN) capability provides the assured network environment in the land domain and is scalable across all levels of command. SDN is a key part of delivering Network Enabled Capability whilst enabling and supporting the delivery of Command & Control (C2) and mission specific information services. In the Air domain it is about creating an airborne assured network environment by networking air platforms together, whether these are manned or unmanned, to enable the sharing of situational awareness between platforms as well as sharing information with commanders in the land domain.

Data Diode

Data breaches – such as WikiLeaks – are increasing in frequency and severity, while nation state level adversaries are posing greater risks than ever before. To mitigate these risks, BAE Systems offers the Data Diode Solution for cross domain transfer. The solution enables enterprise and tactical data transfers, in speeds 100Mb up to 10Gb, from one domain to another via the most secure method possible. The solution is a controlled interface, strictly enforcing a unidirectional flow of data at a physical level. The absence of a return path ensures no possible data leakage and mitigates the risk of malware, APTs designed to covertly infiltrate sensitive information.

Applied Intelligence Capabilities (Nerve Centre & OSI Demonstration)

Based upon our rich heritage of analytics combined with our skills and experience in the intelligence world, our latest technology innovation provides authorised users with “self-service” analysis of patterns and trends within social media and open source data: the IntelligenceReveal™ OSI solution captures data in real-time, stores it and makes it available for search, visualisation and analysis using our unique toolset.