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BvS10 Beowulf
The brand new BVS10 BEOWULF all-terrain vehicle was debuted at DSEI in London this week.
Designed and developed in Sweden by BAE Systems Hägglunds, BvS10 BEOWULF can reach more places and carry more cargo than any other vehicle of its kind. BVS10 BEOWULF has a payload capacity of eight tonnes and built-in flexibility with special role cabins in the rear car to carry a combination of personnel and cargo. The vehicle can traverse through water, swamps, snow and soft sand; and climb 45-degree slopes. BVS10 BEOWULF features increased crew comfort and visibility, and is easy to maintain and support, resulting in reduced operational costs.


We designed the CV90 with a clear vision: to create a vehicle that provides high tactical and strategic mobility, air defence, anti-tank capability, high survivability and protection in any terrain or tactical environment
CV90 Armadillo delivered for Danish Army trials

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The Terrier armoured combat engineering vehicle is a true military powerhouse. Agile, adaptable and robust, it can perform a multitude of tasks in the most demanding conditions
BAE Systems’ Terrier® Combat Engineer Vehicle

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M777 is a 155mm 39 caliber towed gun which, through proven technology and the innovative use of titanium and aluminum alloys, meets the requirement for rapidly deployable and accurate artillery fire support
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The M777 Howitzer: Rapidly Deployable

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Q-Warrior® See-Through Display


Q-Warrior™ provides pioneering situational awareness information for ground troops, including the forward air controller. With Q-Warrior™ the air controller knows where air assets are, even if not visible with the naked eye, as well as their distance, altitude and payload.
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The 40 CTAS is primarily aimed to equip armoured and reconnaissance vehicles in order to provide them with fire power superior to any other Medium-Calibre system.

The suite of ammunition developed in association with the weapon is designed to give increased effect against armoured vehicles including some previous generation main battle tanks, defeat of reinforced concrete, buildings and soft targets and suppression of dispersed troops.