When our work began in the 1940s, we made a promise: we would remain at the forefront of innovation to ensure that no matter the threat, we support the Marine Corps’ efforts to improvise, adapt and overcome any obstacle, until every battle is won.
We first delivered on this promise with the production of the Landing Vehicle Tracked (later renamed the Assault Amphibious Vehicle, or AAV, after receiving multiple upgrades) to support USMC’s needs during World War II. Although the AAV earned a reputation for its rugged durability and superior mobility, in order to keep our promise and meet the requirements of the Marines today, we needed to keep innovating.
Enter the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) Family of Vehicles (FOV). The new ACV FOV represents the optimum balance of sea and land mobility, survivability, and future growth potential.  The ACV is a major upgrade from the AAV. With a force protection capability three times greater than the AAV, the ACV is designed so Marines can complete their missions safely. It provides 50% more horsepower, with its six-cylinder, 690 horsepower engine, making it capable of land speeds over 55 mph. It’s also designed to have significant growth potential, providing Marines the flexibility to address additional mission roles and future technologies.
After five years of extensive testing development and consultation with USMC, we are honored to deliver the first fleet of ACV for fielding in early October. We believe this initial fielding is not just a major milestone for the ACV program, it’s a significant win for the men and women who will use this new technology to execute their unique expeditionary missions.
“We are honored to continue our legacy of providing the Marine Corps with superior amphibious capabilities with the initial fielding of the ACV,” said John Swift, director of amphibious programs, BAE Systems. “I’m proud of the hard work by our team, our partner IVECO Defence Vehicles, and the extensive hours of testing completed with USMC that were necessary to achieve this milestone alongside our customer.”
BAE Systems will support the fielding of another unit in early 2021.
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