Things are looking up for airline passengers with the cabin of the future


Intellicabin 2

Stress is usually unavoidable when it comes to traveling. Between long security lines and sporadic cancellations or delays, traveling can cause even the calmest person to run on edge. After the race to the gate is over and you settle in for takeoff, you think the worst is over, but sometimes it’s yet to come. Legroom is scarce, the temperature is not to your liking, and that carry-on bag can’t possibly fit under the seat in front you; can it? That’s usually when the countdown until your destination begins and can’t come soon enough…

But what if flying could provide an alternative experience? One where legroom is abundant, the temperature and lighting can be seamlessly controlled, and comfort is placed at the forefront for the passenger. With our IntelliCabin system, this experience is possible.


IntelliCabin, which could be on commercial airlines as early as 2015, is a next generation cabin management system designed to provide a vastly improved flying experience for passengers and crew members, while at the same time benefitting the airline itself. IntelliCabin is an integrated approach to cabin management that is flexible, adaptable, and scalable, providing capabilities such as in-seat power, LED lighting, wireless tablet-based in-flight entertainment, and dimmable windows, all managed via a centralized attendant control panel or a crew handheld device.



For passengers, IntelliCabin brings comfort and flexibility. By removing bulky power boxes under the seats and in the overhead bins, passengers receive more leg room and space for luggage. Additionally, it provides power solutions for all seat classes, allowing passengers to have more options and control. But the capabilities don’t end there. IntelliCabin also provides tablet-based, in-flight entertainment enabled by Samsung Galaxy devices, generating a more personalized user experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Finally, the system offers cutting-edge LED lighting, creating a more relaxed ambience for travelers and an environment for a comfortable on-boarding and travel experience.


For the flight crew, IntelliCabin will simplify and reduce their workload, since the system automates many of the crews’ tasks. For example, by using either the centralized control panel or handheld devices which can be utilized from anywhere in the aircraft, crew members are able to easily adjust the temperature and light settings, take refreshment orders, and interact with other crew members to provide an optimized level of service to passengers throughout the flight.


IntelliCabin – The future of cabin systems is here

Airlines are also set to benefit from our cabin of the future. By adding cabin control capabilities, the IntelliCabin reduces the number of components that would need to be installed, creating a lighter system that will help airlines save on fuel and operating costs. Additionally, since IntelliCabin can be seamlessly integrated into existing onboard systems, it doesn’t have to depend on other buyer-furnished equipment or OEM installations.


We set ourselves the task of designing new technology that could provide the ultimate flying experience for passengers and crew.

Jared Shoemaker, director of Cabin Systems



Our IntelliCabin system is truly a win-win for all. As Jared Shoemaker, director of Cabin Systems at BAE Systems’ Commercial Aircraft Solutions, adds, “We set ourselves the task of designing new technology that could provide the ultimate flying experience for passengers and crew, from keeping you connected to helping ease the transition from one environment to the next – we believe IntelliCabin does just that. It helps to acclimate and ease you into a more comfortable atmosphere throughout the flight, helping you to feel more refreshed on arrival.”

A more comfortable atmosphere and feeling refreshed upon arrival may seem like a foreign concept when traveling now, but when it’s time for you to board in the near future, things will be looking up thanks to IntelliCabin.