We are Recruiting Candidates to Support the U.S. Army’s OMDAC-SWACA Program.

At BAE Systems, we provide world-class information technology support to our customers.  We are recruiting candidates to maintain the Army’s critical communications for the Global Information Grid (GIG) satellite and ground communications links and networks, directly supporting the warfighters’ efforts in theater. 

This mission requires comprehensive support from highly skilled, committed, and professional individuals to ensure reliable 24/7 operations in over 25 locations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait and Southwest and Central Asia. We welcome and encourage new as well as incumbent personnel to apply for open positions on our team.   

Opportunities are available in the following areas:

•    Information Technology
•    Satellite & Telecommunications
•    Switchboard Operations & Maintenance
•    Quality Assurance/Quality Control
•    Logistic/Supply

Apply Today: www.baesystems.jobs (keyword: omdac)

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