Earth Day 2022 video still
Earth Day 2022
Karen Hoeing, Group director for ESG, Culture and Business Transformation
In an uncertain world, sustainability is more important than ever and Earth Day is a chance to reflect on our ambitions, our progress and what we must still do to make our business sustainable.
Our customers have set ambitious decarbonisation targets and we’re right alongside them. We have set ourselves a target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across our operations by 2030 and across our whole value chain by 2050.
In order to achieve this, we are investing in low to zero energy carbon products and renewable energy solutions. We are supporting our supply chains to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pioneering new technology to help our customers move towards net zero.
Our organisation is steadily transforming itself into a net zero business but at the same time, we are working to be much more than that - a truly sustainable business.
At BAE Systems, our advanced defence technology protects people and national security, and keeps critical information and infrastructure secure. We search for new ways to provide our customers with a competitive edge across the air, maritime, land and cyber domains. We employ a skilled workforce of 90,500 people in more than 40 countries, and work closely with local partners to support economic development by transferring knowledge, skills and technology.
To be a sustainable business we must minimise our impact on the planet and at the same time ensure that our business also makes a positive contribution to the societies that we work alongside. This means our role in keeping nations safe, the safety and wellbeing of our employees, how we work with our local communities, how we support serving and former members of the Armed Forces and how we contribute to skills and education.
We have big ambitions for making our business sustainable – defence does not have a free pass. We are listening, learning and collaborating and most importantly, making progress.
Watch the Earth Day 2022 video to hear from Karin Hoeing, Group ESG, Culture & Business Transformation Director, who is leading our sustainability agenda and stay tuned to for more information on our sustainability work throughout the year.
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