Lesley Nutter

Senior Engineer
As a senior engineer within our Air business based at Warton, Lesley Nutter has had an interesting and exciting career with BAE Systems. While Lesley is proud of her achievements the journey has not always been plain sailing.
Image of Lesley Nutter
As a direct recruit to the company the prospect of working for a large engineering organisation in the North West of England was appealing. “I love the North West” said Lesley, “and BAE Systems was a large company doing exciting things in which I would get to use my skills.”
The Blackpool area is particularly close to Lesley’s heart as she dedicates her time to promote STEM opportunities to young people in the area. “I realise it’s a deprived area and I’d love to see some young people from Blackpool getting great STEM opportunities, just like I did.”
Lesley has spent her time at BAE Systems seeking out opportunities to develop and progress and admits it’s not always been easy. “Being a female engineer within BAE Systems has been very interesting - challenging in many ways. There is a great support network and opportunities for early careers employees such as graduates and apprentices, however as a direct recruit I didn’t always have access to the same resources.
I love the North West...and BAE Systems was a large company doing exciting things in which I would get to use my skills

Lelsey Nutter

, Senior Engineer
“I have a great work/life balance at BAE Systems and while I am proud of my achievements and have worked hard to secure opportunities it’s important that more is done to help females establish long-term career plans and to promote them into key engineering roles.
“I am honoured to be named as one of the Women in Engineering Society’s Top 50 Women in Engineering and despite several setbacks my tenacity has seen me through.”