These men and women can be hard to access (because they are so busy), but come with some pretty cool stories. We were able to spend a few minutes with Brian Gathright, OSI vice president and general manager, and we found that safety is top of mind for him. Similar to our chat with Tyrone Simerly, Director of Modernization, Brian only gets three questions. (But we are really sticking to it this time!)

Claire Powell, Communications Manager:   How would you describe the team and the people powering OSI on a day-to-day basis?

Brian Gathright, OSI VP/GM:   I’d start by describing how every one of our team cares about the mission that we perform, and the essential role that we play in keeping our warfighters ready to do their job. When I look at how we go about our work – and when you think about the challenges on our sites with modernization programs going on simultaneous with production and the level of customer engagement – we are really a resourceful group. I mean, we bounce back from a lot of challenges. Just think in the last year with the challenges of COVID…on top of everything else we do every day. It's a badge of honor that this team is scrappy in how we go about doing what we need to do so we deliver.

CP:   What makes you most excited to go into work every day?

BG:   Number one, focusing in on how we get better each and every day. The start in that area for me is all about safety. We have been on a journey to improve our safety performance, and we continue on that journey. We’ve made some progress, but I think we’ve got a considerable way to go to make sure each of our employees thinks about their personal safety, and the safety of their team as they go about what they do. It only takes one moment, one lapse in judgement, one incorrect decision that can lead to having a safety incident on our site. Getting better on how we deal with safety is something I think about every day, and probably the last thing I think about as I close my eyes every night.

CP:   Moving to a personal question, what is one thing that people don’t know about you?

BG:   So way back when, I almost became a lawyer or an academic in political science. I had been accepted to law schools and actually went to grad school in poly sci, thinking that would be my future. But then aerospace and defense pulled me back into what I’ve been doing. Imagine if I was a lawyer now?

CP:   That’s definitely our win since we certainly benefit from your balance of the sciences and humanities in the way you think. And a good reminder to all those law school grads that aerospace defense can be a terrific arena to use those critical thinking skills! I hope you will join us for another “3 Questions” sometime soon!

Everyone on the team plays an important part in delivering progress and innovation on this scale. It’s incredible to think how many generations have walked on these sites with eyes on the future. Thanks, Brian! #doyourpart 
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