IP Expo Europe 2016

IP Expo Europe 2016

5 - 6 October 2016

Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London, E16 1XL, United Kingdom

Cyber Security Europe at IP EXPO Europe offers invaluable security insight for both IT managers and security specialists. Hear from the experts how you can build stronger defences against cyber-attacks, and recover more quickly if your systems are breached.


You can also hear from some of our business defence experts during the show:


'How Thieves Got Away with the Biggest Cyber Heist in History:

A Technical ‘Who Done It’

Dr. Adrian Nish, Cyber Security Keynote Theatre
Wednesday 5th October, 15.40-16.10
If Hollywood releases another iteration of the 'Oceans 11' franchise, it should be based on the recent cyber-attack against Bangladesh Bank. This true story has all the hallmarks of a captivating thriller – a sophisticated intrusion into the Bank’s network; a plot involving money laundering via casinos; possible links to criminal gangs; accusations of corrupt officials; and a conspiracy that would have required intricate planning. BAE Systems’ Head of Threat Intelligence, Dr Adrian Nish, will explain the timeline of events that lead to the $81million heist and how ultimately there were only 2 bytes between the thieves and their loot.

'The Future of the Internet of Things'

James Hatch, Director of Cyber Services, Main Keynote Theatre
Thursday 6th October, 12.20-13.10
The Internet of Things is going to change the world – but how is it going to change my business? How will Artificial Intelligence and Analytics fully realise the potential for IOT and bring about the truly connected enterprise? We’re moving from hype to reality in IOT and we are delighted to have secured experts from the world of cyber security, analytics, AI to help chart the future for IOT and crucially how it will influence your business. 
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