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What's on show

FIAS 2016
FIVE Exhibition Hall
The Technology of Defence. Our vision of how emerging technologies and other trends will shape the future combat environment, and the capabilities required to respond to these new operational challenges.

Future Technology

Product List

  • T4 - SABRE™ - Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engines
  • T5 - Broadsword® Spine®
  • T6 - Corrosion Monitoring System
  • T7 - Lassi™ - Demonstrator Interactive


T4 - SABRE™ - Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engines

SABRE concept white flight 8 The SABRE™ engine is a new class of aerospace engine being developed to power very high speed aircraft and space access vehicles. Current jet engines are limited to flight speeds of around two and half times the speed of sound.


T5 - Broadsword® Spine®

Broadsword Spine configurationThe Broadsword® Spine® system is a revolutionary e-textile garment insert that delivers power and data connectivity through a combined management system. Woven from conductive yarns, its e-textile creates a patented fabric power-and data distribution network that conforms to the new Generic Soldier Architecture.


T6 - Corrosion Monitoring System

Advanced Technology Solutions have developed a corrosion monitoring system that is designed to help reduce the through life inspection costs of an aerospace, land and maritime platforms. At its core are sensors that behaves like smart witness plates specific to the platform alloy and paint scheme, sensitively monitoring for any signs of a corrosive atmosphere.


T7 - Lassi™ - Demonstrator Interactive

The Laser Air Speed Sensing Instrument (LASSI) is being developed at BAE Systems to replace traditional pitot tubes. It works by pointing a laser in the direction of travel of an aircraft and measuring the backscattered reflections to determine the speed.